About Us

The co-founders at Cheap as Bricks have over 45 years experience between them in recycled and second hand bricks, the building industry and demolition. The Cheap as Bricks yard team are not afraid of hard work and are dedicated to sharing their knowledge of recycled bricks and offering you the right brick for your build.

Cheap as Bricks has grown to become the largest distributor of secondhand and recycled bricks in Sydney and New South Wales and the chances are we will be able to accommodate any recycled brick need. We service clients across many industries; landscapers, builders, architects, home owners, designers and also clients from the bar, hotel and hospitality industry.

You can roam our brick yard and ask our teams as many questions as you like, from the original brick history to the cleaning process and how best to use your recycled brick materials. There isn’t a question they haven’t had and are happy to talk you through the different types of recycled bricks and which will suit your need best.

Cheap as bricks are always on the lookout for new stock so if you have a demolition or building project where you have a stack of bricks to remove, contact us!

Our head office is located on the Northern Beaches in Mona Vale, we are open five and a half days a week to the public and trades by appointment and also available on email if you have any questions or require a quote before you head to our yard.