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Q. Is there a minimum brick order?
A. No, we can sell you 1 brick or 100,000 bricks - small jobs are very important to us as well.

Q.  Can I pick up the bricks from your depot?
A. Yes, you are more than welcome to pick up your bricks, but please take into consideration when organising transport that each recycled brick weighs 4 kilograms.

Q. How many recycled bricks will a pallet carry?
A. A maximum of 500 recycled bricks, weighing 2.2 tonnes.

Q. How much space is required for a pallet of bricks?
A. Pallets are 114cm squared. To allow good access to the recycled bricks on site for the trade’s people it is an advantage to allow for about 2 metres squared.

Q. How are the recycled bricks delivered to site?
A. In most circumstances our recycled brick deliveries for the Sydney metropolitan areas are delivered with a truck, accompanied by an all terrain forklift that detaches from the truck.

Q. What is the capacity of your delivery truck?
A. The capacity of our delivery truck is 3000 recycled bricks or 6 pallets. For larger brick orders we can attach a trailer to the truck which also has a capacity of 3500 recycled bricks, Totalling a maximum capacity of 6500 recycled bricks or 13 pallets at a time.

Q. How many recycled bricks do I need to order?
A.  When ordering bricks we can give you an estimate, though if you want to have an idea of how many recycled bricks you will need before you call us, we use the formula to measure "Length x Width" which will give you an idea on how many square metres you will need.

Q. When paving with recycled bricks how many bricks are required to a square metre?
A. 40 recycled bricks are required.

Q. When building a wall with recycled bricks how many bricks are required to a square metre?
A. 60 recycled bricks are required if your wall is only one course thick.