Cheap As Bricks - quality recycled and used bricks, sandstone and backfill sourced from all over Sydney, all at unbeatable prices. Save money on bricks without compromising on design.

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Our philosophy at Cheap as Bricks is to provide a premium recycled brick product to all our customers with minimum fuss and at a favourable price. We offer great cost savings by working smarter with our overhead and brick preparation costs while investing heavily in training when it comes to the brick cleaning process. Not only that, our brick cleaners are trained in the different ways bricks are used on-site, which gives them a better understanding on how the bricks are used and laid, which in turn helps them when it comes to brick cleaning.

We strongly believe that the job done right at the beginning of the process reaps rewards when it comes to the end result. Through the care taken at the beginning of the process and the knowledge and experience of our brickyard team, we can offer premium quality recycled bricks for any kind of building, landscaping or home project often for two thirds of our competitors.

At Cheap as Bricks we take the time to understand the job you need to undertake and then offer the most suitable bricks at the right price. Our success is built on your reputation and we have a simple philosophy that if you achieve a great finish and desired outcome on a job, you will return to us again and again.

A cost saving for your building project or home build without compromising on quality and design.

Whether you need render, brick matching for an extension, designing a landscape garden or building a garden path or garage, we are here with a selection of recycled bricks to get the job done.

Contact our team today to find out more about the benefits of recycled bricks for your wallet, your project and the environment!