Cheap As Bricks - quality recycled and used bricks, sandstone and backfill sourced from all over Sydney, all at unbeatable prices

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The use of recycled / secondhand bricks significantly reduces waste and materials going to landfill.

The use of recycled bricks reduces Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG) by 86% or 0.6 tonnes of Greenhouse Gas emissions for each 1000 bricks that are recycled when compared to the production of new bricks.

All of our recycled bricks at Cheap as Bricks are cleaned by hand, which doesn't require electricity and therefore contributes to a better sustainable practice.

Recycled bricks or secondhand bricks have a large thermal mass benefit, better helping to regulate temperatures in buildings.This in turn means you are not using as much air conditioning or heating, which shows savings on your electricty bills and helps in reducing greenhouse emissions.